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6x9 - Bessarabian Wool/S.Antique Geometric Rectangle - Hand Knotted Rug

6x9 - Bessarabian Wool/S.Antique Geometric Rectangle - Hand Knotted Rug

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This exquisite 6x8.9 Bessarabian rug from Caucasian boasts a vibrant color palette, featuring shades of Black, Red, Grey, Olive, White. Crafted with wool/s.antique, this rug showcases a traditional Bessarabian design that adds a touch of elegance and a timeless charm to any space. With a thickness of 3/8 inch, this rectangular rug offers durability and comfort underfoot. Its size covers an impressive area, making it suitable for larger rooms. The Flatweave construction further enhances its durability, making it a perfect addition for high-traffic areas. Embrace the beauty and craftsmanship of this Bessarabian rug in your home.


  • Colors: Black, Red, Grey, Olive, White
  • Design: Geometric
  • Style of Rug: Bessarabian
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Country of Origin: Caucasian
  • Size: 6x8.9
  • Thickness: 3/8 in
  • Width: 6
  • Length: 8.9
  • Material: Wool
  • Flatweave
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