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Runner - Qum Fine Floral Rectangle - Hand Knotted Rug

Runner - Qum Fine Floral Rectangle - Hand Knotted Rug

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Elevate the aesthetics of your home with this captivating Floral design Qum-style runner from Pakistan. Featuring a harmonious blend of Tan, Brown, and Blue, this rug is a true masterpiece. Measuring 2.7 feet in width and 12.1 feet in length, it offers both elegance and durability with a 1/4-inch thickness, covering an impressive area. Crafted from fine materials, this Pile runner is a symbol of quality and style. Ideal for hallways or corridors, it will enhance your living space with a touch of traditional charm while showcasing the craftsmanship of Pakistani rug artisans. Upgrade your decor with this exquisite piece.


  • Colors: Tan,Brown,Blue
  • Design: Floral
  • Style of Rug: Qum
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan
  • Size: Runner
  • Thickness: 1/4 in
  • Width: 2.7
  • Length: 12.1
  • Material: Fine/Wool
  • Pile
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